B group

Since the beginning, the band's history is linked to that of a family, Berrada Sounni, who brought its ambitions and values.

Its story is that of a succession of achievements led by a visionary family: Abdelali Berrada Sounni, a founder renowned for his resilience and vision and his two sons Hicham Berrada Sounni and Saad Berrada Sounni currently leading the group. What a long way since 1962, when Mr. Abdelali Berrada Sounni founded his business in the industry of shoe and leather goods, growing from a small business to today's group with its numerous business segments, as various as they are complementary.

B group is the story of talent, family and great ambition.

Espaces Saada

is dedicated since creation to enable everyone to acquire a quality housing product. Driven by the ambition of create projects with the unique concept of "city within a city" with a responsible and lofty goalwhose motto: QUALITY.

In this perspective,Palmeraie Holding Group has founded in 2000 what will become one of its largest subsidiaries: EspacesSaada. Through this company, many projects aredeveloped in the segment of middle standing as well as in “social housing”.

in short