Sustainable development

At all levels of the value chain, the inclusion of sustainable development is changing the context of the business.

Fadaat Al Mohit (Ocean Spaces), an evocative title of the project, is a housing complex that is carried out over a land base of approximately 70 hectares. Its composition was thought according to the basic rules guaranteeing the protection of the environment and meets the standards required for sustainable development of this unique urban project. Indeed, about 17,000 trees will be planted along the site. The development of green spaces over an area of 3 hectares will also be performed.

1 - The use of universal techniques of rainwater and wastewater harvesting to be reused in the maintenance of green spaces.

2 - Implementing rules of low energy buildings (BBCE):

  • Intelligent guidance for energy saving
  • Installation of a water consumption reducer
  • Solar panels for minimum electrification
  • Water green areas by collecting rainwater and wastewater

3 - East-West orientation of 80% of the social housing buildings in order to maximize solar energy on one hand, while enjoying the benefits that are entailed on the other, including months of ambient humidity.

4 - Equipping all social housing with pre-installed solar water heaters.

in short